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Damp proofing is the last thing on your mind until it’s too late. Rising damp and other forms of moisture problems in peoples’ homes, are no joke. There are many tools that people use to monitor and solve this issue such as a damp meter and damp proof paint but there really is no substitute for the more traditional chemical wall injection method.

This issue goes hand in hand with things like dry rot which can also develop due to excessive moisture in a home environment.

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The signs of damp can be very easy to see and can turn any room into an unpleasant place to be. Unfortunately the problem doesn’t stop at damp, it can very quickly turn to structure damaging mould, which can cause a number of health problems. If damp remains untreated the situation can become worse as it can spread and worsen, this is then what leads to structural water damage issues.

Fortunately, there are tried and tested methods for dealing with these issues. If people act fast and begin damp treatment quickly, it is much easier to deal with and structural damage can be prevented or repaired. It’s important that when people notice that they have an issue with damp, that they call in damp proofing specialists as soon as possible.

Possible causes of damp in Liverpool

The top three causes of damp are:

  • Condensation
  • Penetrating damp
  • Rising damp.

Structural & Environmental Factors can contribute

Altough types and causes of damp an numerous, ultimately it’s the result of environmental and structural issues that contribute to it becoming an issue. Depending on the type of environment, the treatment for issues can vary parts of Liverpool and Merseyside that are prone to flooding often require effective damp coursing or something like basement tanking, as the lower floors can be beneath the water table. Often in much older properties that have been built to different building regulations and standards due to their age, are vulnerable to penetrating and rising damp.

damp meter

Unfortunately in Liverpool and the UK, flooding is becoming much more common, so if your home was built before 1900, then you may need think about renewing your damp proofing. Total Damp Proofing Liverpool specialise in conservation damp proofing and can help preserve your property and it’s history.

Diagnosing damp issues

Please check our website guides to help diagnose the possible cause of you damp problem, or call us for help. We offer free inspections in Central, South and West Liverpool.

Damp treatment solutions

The best way of dealing with damp depends on its cause. If you’re experiencing condensation issues then something simple such as better ventilation, home insulation and even better heating of a room can really help. Penetrating damp calls for applying water repellent coating to outside walls to stop the water getting in, and issues such as rising damp can be prevented with something like a damp proof course.

It’s true that damp problems can be complex, there are causes that can interact to produce a great deal of damage. The quickest and easiest way forward is to contact damp specialists in your area. We deliver a 100% diagnosis and cure rate for all damp problems, and our treatment products are guaranteed up to 30 years.

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